Owner / President, 1Word LLC


Starting out as an eminent fan of music, Colin Johnson has worked with the biggest names in dancehall, such as Dennis Brown, Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Capelton, Mad Cobra, Spragga Benz, Rayvon and Sasha. Now Owner and President of 1Word LLC, Colin has been able to keep his company pertinent in the entertainment realm for the past twenty-five years, adapting to the ever-changing and challenging music industry – finding fresh talent and keeping an ear to the streets for flourishing talent.

A native of Jamaica, Colin began his journey in the music business promoting parties in the Bronx, New York at the age of 18. Networking with various artists and developing vital relationships eventually sparked Colin’s interest in the production end of the business. Ultimately, he secured a number one single called “Pokyman” by Spragga Benz, one of Jamaica’s more prominent deejays, which remained on the London charts for six weeks. Colin, who has a degree in Audio Visual Technology from Bronx Community College, initially became partner in three separate companies before turning his passion and drive into his own venture, 1Word LLC.

1Word LLC provides the best quality of every service they offer, working with classy individuals and making the experience a pleasant one. “I want to produce music that is not following whatever new trend is going on at that moment,” says Colin. “I want to continue to make clever fusions of different music genres and keep things interesting.”

Looking to build up-and-coming artists of the same caliber through 1Word Entertainment, Colin gives sound advice in regards to individuals interested in the entertainment business. He encourages those to never give up. “Stay consistent. Stay true to yourself. Do it for the love, not the money and eventually you will succeed.”

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