1Word LLC Entertainment Group is a declaration of Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B music’s maturity, artistic intelligence, and financial growth potential. We are a multi-media company that will entice many listeners in multiple age groups and musical tastes.

We will supply profitable, inspiring, audio and visual entertainment to a diverse, international consumer group. We are committed to dignified (not at the expense of integrity) entertainment across the board and firmly believe that quality, palatable entertainment can be reached without degrading or demoralizing lyrics while maintaining its commercial appeal. 1Word LLC intends to become a one stop recording and entertainment company that will take top quality individuals or group talent and propel them into accomplished entertainers. We will seek out and nurture talent whose music will express this approach; the eclectic melding of musical fusions both unique and distinctive. Our sound, therefore the branded signature of 1Word LLC, will rise on its ability to use non-congruent blends of music. Set to original voicings and appropriate for all audiences, we will have produced a different kind of new music—one currently not heard in the marketplace. This combining of genres, rhythms, tonalities, lyrics and beats mixed with regard to the age and era of music is unique. We believe this opens a gateway to a highly attractive blended sound that will entice many listeners in multiple age groups and musical tastes.

By controlling the entire process of talent discovery through production and promotion we believe we will maximize every signed acts full potential. Our acts will be proponents of this new sound – the 1Word sound. The result: an instant recognition of the music, a la Motown.
Because we will concentrate on this initial type of sound all our efforts to recruit, sign, record and promote acts will be focused on perfecting the product with no distractions. While it’s likely other sounds and genres will interest 1Word at a later date, we intend to thrust the company into this singular approach to leverage all our attention on perfecting this heretofore undeveloped aural arena to capture a large and diverse audience. We are an urban upscale brand as opposed to a bohemian or a street brand. This gives us the ability to be relevant in the streets as well as in mainstream America. 1Word LLC distinguishes itself through the commitment it undertakes with each artist/project. Breaking away from the typical scenario of most over produced over sensationalized mediocre talent by cultivating artistry that speaks to a consumer market which hungers for substance, 1Word LLC will utilize a stable of experienced and resourceful professionals to ensure the highest quality product within established production budgets. This, in conjunction with the financing and expertise necessary to stage relentless, intense marketing campaigns will guarantee the results needed to create “Distinguished” products in this field.
1Word LLC has established a unique formula in the creation of music that does not rely upon vulgarity and obscenity. By concentrating on capitalizing on our blended style of music and images with integrity 1Word is poised to be an industry leader. We envision a company that will create a new effortless way of life with the seamless integration of our products/services into the fabric of this entertainment business.